What is the Pamp Network?
Pamp Network is the world’s first price-reactive cryptocurrency.

When the token price appreciates, token holders receive staking rewards based on several factors including the percentage price increase, how long they have been holding for and how many tokens they hold. Rewards are distributed on a daily basis!

If the token price does not appreciate, no rewards are minted. Sellers who move their tokens around have their stakes reset, negating any bonus rewards they may receive when the token appreciates in value.

In addition, PAMP is deflationary, meaning that all token transfers have 8% of the transfer burned.

Holders are strongly incentivized to buy tokens and HODL for as long as possible, and are penalized for not doing so.

Additionally, being semi-deflationary, the Pamp Network embodies a similar value structure to Bitcoin and Ethereum 2.0 – the system has incentive structures built in that promote holding the token, thereby acting as a proper hedge against inflationary fiat currency.

The Pamp Network is secured by a series of smart contracts on the Ethereum network.


No need to run complicated nodes to receive staking rewards. The Pamp Network is neither PoW or PoS, meaning there is no mining cost or staking risk involved. Just buy and HODL in your own wallet, and remember to claim your rewards every day.

Instant Exchange

Easily transact PAMP tokens on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or IDEX*. The higher the volume on positive days, the more tokens minted.

Price Streaks

When the price appreciates for several days without pause, the Price Streak results in a positive multiplier to daily rewards.

Pamp Network is excited to announce a bug bounty for Solidity developers

Help ensure the security and integrity of our smart contracts

100,000 PAMP tokens for a bug that allows you to duplicate tokens and/or increase your account balance maliciously (but is not related to staking or rewards)

50,000 PAMP for a bug that allows a user to abuse rewards or staking functionality

10,000 PAMP tokens for a bug the prevents a user from claiming rewards (after following all rules regarding rewards)

Any other bug outside of these categories can still be submitted for a reward based on its respective severity.

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How It Works

It’s easy to reap the rewards of holding PAMP tokens.

Buy and Hold PAMP Tokens

Purchase PAMP tokens on any exchange, such as Uniswap or IDEX*, and send them to your Metamask wallet.

Claim Your Stakes Every Day

When the latest prices have been updated, visit our website (https://pamp.network) and claim your staking rewards. Internally, this calls the smart contract function that determines how much you are owed based on the price change and other factors such as how long you have been holding for.

Grow Your Portfolio Infinitely

As long as you HODL and claim your stakes every positive day, the price will inevitably appreciate and so will your portfolio! It’s as simple as that. HODLers are incentivized to keep HODLing, and sellers pay high fees and lose future staking rewards when they don’t HODL.

When staking begins, this information will be updated to reflect the current status of the Pamp Network.

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